Setting up your Meeting’s Facebook page

Congratulations!  Your Meeting for Business has discerned a Facebook page would be a helpful addition to your toolkit of Outreach materials.  You have create a basic set of posting guidelines.  You have named multiple administrators to shepherd the page.  It is now time to actually set up a Meeting Facebook page.  It may be help to review some steps and “tips” here to make this a smooth process.

Whomever sets up the page, and each administrator, needs to have their own personal Facebook account.  The personal account will not be seen by anyone who “likes” the page. It is simply a rule of Facebook that anyone using the site (for pages or groups) has their own account.  It can be simple, private, and not linked to any further actions of the page.

If you do an internet search on “create a church Facebook page” you will find many step by step guides on where to click, what to do in technical terms.  Here is an example from wikihow.

Here’s a few questions you will need to answer, and things to remember as you set up your page.

Graphics:  You will be asked to provide a square profile picture.  It will appear (very small) in all f your posts and links.  If your meeting has a logo, that is the best solution.  Many folks suggest not using a picture, as it is too small to really see, and is better with a clear name or logo.  Here are two examples (I suggest Canva for creating these)

You will be asked to provide a Cover Photo.  This is a way to introduce your Meeting – a group photo, a specific event, something that invites folks to think more about your Meeting culture.  This photo will appear differently depending on what you are using to see the page.  If you use text or a logo – make sure it is centered and appropriate to be seen on both a laptop, and a mobile device!  In this example below, the text is centered to also appear centered on a mobile device (Again, I used Canva to create this).

Here’s a few other things you will need to know as well:

  • The official name of your meeting.  Remember this page will reach primarily NON Quakers – is it clear?  Do you use jargon?  In my Meeting’s case, we were very clear we wanted to use “Religious” as part of our name, but also included “Quakers” in our Page title. Some meetings will say “Boston Friends Meeting – Quakers”, etc.
  • Current phone number
  • Website homepage (to link to) – if folks want to find out more, your website will be in the “about” section and should be easy to find
  • Physical address of the meetinghouse/place

A few concerns and helps:

  • Facebook will ask you to classify your organization.  “Meeting” is (obviously) not an option.  This is for non-Quakers.  I suggest you choose “Church”and NOT “non-profit”.  If this seems odd, or members of your meeting prefer not to use the word “church” – figure that out before you establish the page.
  • Add an “action” button.  For outreach purposes, this can be a simple “Learn more” and link to your website main page, or visitor page.  You can also use that for newsletter sign up, or other task – but this page is for outreach, so usually going to you website is best.
  • Make sure the page is “public”.  This page, like a website, should show up in any search, and be seen by anyone.  I compare it to a newspaper advertisement, etc.
  • Make sure it is a “page” and not a group!  Those are different things with very different uses.  Some Meetings have both.  Know the difference, and these suggestions are for Facebook pages. This is a safety for Facebook, there is a process to make sure your organization is legit.  If you do not choose the correct name at the onset, you may have to apply to change it and wait 14 days.  Be as clear as you can from the start with this!
  • Find the posting button for when you post and “like”.  When you “like” a post (from another admin, etc) make sure you are liking it as yourself (from your own account) – and not as the page.  It looks odd to be “liking” you own page’s posts.  A bit of Facebook etiquette!
  • Provide a link your facebook page on your Meeting’s website.  You have a way (the action button) to get from Facebook to your website – now add a button on your website for folks to go to your Facebook page as well, and “like” your page there.  That will have to be done by your website admin.
  • Is there something you would like all visitors to your page to see?  You may want to create a pinned post.  This is a regular post, but the text might say something like “Welcome to our meeting!  You are welcome to join us each Sunday at 10 am.  Please see our website for more details, and to learn more about the Quaker faith (include website link).  You can also use a pinned post for a special upcoming event or timely message.  When you publish he post, you are able to select “pinning” it to the top of the page, and remove it if/when it no longer needs to be at the top of the page.





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