Book Review – Click2Save Reboot – the digital ministry bible

This book, like its first edition, was incredibly helpful for me.  The first edition was more of a very basic “how to” – digital ministry was just emerging.

The second “reboot” edition includes new considerations of impact of ministry, new digital ministry leaders who have emerged, and new platforms and improvements in systems and ways of connecting.  It is evident that digital ministry has come a long way since the first edition – and the authors reflect the changes, and improvements.

If digital ministry is about relationships, Click2Save considers how we seek those relationships, and how we use them to support lives of faithfulness.  Networked, relational, and incarnational ministry on digital platforms, and pastoral presence is a thread throughout the book.  While he first edition was a very basic “how to” – this reboot assumes the reader is more adept on basic platforms.  Newer platforms for ministry and connection, like podcasts, are also considered in this version of the book.

Also tremendously helpful are the assessments and questions for conversation in your own Meeting/Church community.  The ability to learn your meeting’s readiness to embark on digital experiments can be very helpful – and Click2Save provides tools to help you determine where your meeting competencies lie.

Click2Save also highlights the digital ministry of various creative, innovative folks. Some were mentioned in the first edition – ad some have grown and changed or emerged in the past few years.

Would you like to hear Dresher and Anderson speak about their book on Facebook live?  See here.

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