What’s a Quaker look like? – a new project is born

I have returned this week from our Yearly Meeting sessions.  This year my shape of work changed enough to give me space to embark on a new experiment – and I hope it will continue after initial successes.

I wanted to have a way to take pictures of Friends at an event that told a story, was easy to manage, and invited others to learn together.

Here’s what I learned:

People loved this!  I’ve never done a “photo booth” at an event before, and I was surprised at the way folks enjoyed it.  Only one person seemed to know what I was doing without explanation – this was not my target audience for this kind of thing.

The frame being big enough for two or more invited folks to share.  Sometimes a person who didn’t know anyone in the immediate area would invite a “stranger” to be in the picture with them. I was hesitant to make it this size, but I would recommend it.

It caught attention.  People started to ask for permission for me to take a picture.  I asked in the moment for permissions to share widely (especially children).  Some kids wanted me o tak their picture, and then a guardian would catch my eye and say “I don;t think you will have p[permission to share this”.  I took the photo anyways, for fun in the moment, and then immediately deleted it.  Young kids shouldn’t be on social media themselves anyways – they might never know I didn’t share it but they got to still “pose” with their friends.

The frame was pretty light, and easy to carry.  In the future, I might make it more sturdy so it can be left in a “photo studio” standing area for people to use themselves

I made this a standard print with a general message – so i can use it at multiple events.  At NEYM we have used the hashtag #NEYM2018 for the whole year (another experiment).  I would like to use this for events in 2018.

I used the message “I’m a Quaker in New England” with our logo.  That is consistent with our messaging for New England Friends on social media channels – we do not use NEYM or New England Yearly Meeting as often as we use “Quaker in New England (region)”

I created the graphic in Canva – on a standard poster size that I knew could be printed at my local print shop (I send it online).  I then glued the poster to a large piece of cardboard, and cut out the inside with an x-acto knife.  I may experiment next time with attaching it to a large piece of plastic (used for temporary lawn signs) to make the whole thing more sturdy.  I wanted to make it easy to recreate in case I needed to make another quickly.  I’m happy to share the template!  I may create a simpler one for meetings as well.

I used Animoto to create a fun sharable video!  I was clear in my sharing that these photos are just who I managed to meet – they are not representative of ALL the Quakers in New England…. yet!

Update:  This is easily replicable in other YMs.  Here’s an updated example Friends in NYYM may see soon….


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