Eldering Workshop

Resources for Eldering workshop (click on links)

Eldering Workshop Evaluation (word doc)

An Exploration of Eldering Among Quakers – A workshop led by Elaine Emily (video)

The Quaker Practice of Traveling with an Elder (Quakerspeak video)

The Spiritual Care Committee (downloadable pamphlet)

A Case for Eldering and Discipline (Friends Journal – Herb Lape)

Eldering and Oversight – Quaker Faith and Podcast

Eldership: Nurturing Others’ Spiritual Gifts – Blog post/resource listing, P. Blood


Gospel Order—Some Guidelines for Eldering Discipline


The Work of the Elder – S.Smith

Typical Differences between Ministry and Eldering – S.Smith

Gift and Art of Eldering -1998 Friends Journal Articles

A Plea for Strong Eldership – Seth Hinshaw

A Historical Note about Elders in the Society of Friends – B. Drayton

Eldership – Ohio YM (Conservative)

Elders’ Work with Ministers – S.Smith

Primary work of the elder – Eldering Retreat 2012 NEYM-NYYM

Eldering Workshop Description