Mill City Quakers

Who are we? Kathleen and Kenneth are two members of the Religious Society of Friends who began experimenting with local worship gatherings (expectant waiting worship in the manner of Friends)  in early 2020.  Then the pandemic hit!  While we shifted at times to zoom, and gathered in-person in homes or a rental space, we are still experimenting!  Check back here to find out how we are hoping to gather in 2022 and find a link to our new website in April!

Why “Mill City Quakers”?  We have gathered in the Lawrence/Methuen/Lowell area.  Lowell is officially the “Mill City” – and the history of the mill workers and immigration in all of these cities is a significant influence on what happens here today.

Upcoming gatherings

Quakers adapting in new ways – sharing and discussion                                Thursday January 13 2022 7 PM EST on Zoom

** This gathering has reached capacity. 

Due to high interest, we will offer it again in the next few weeks. We also intend to record the presentation sections, and create a resource document which we will share here.

Thank you!

Quaker meetings of all sizes and types have been challenged to change and grow in new ways in this time of global pandemic.  In 2022, what are we learning?  What do we have to share with each other as we grow and shift into new experiences?  What about the former Quaker tradition are we preserving and encouraging as well?  We will hear about Alasdair’s experience with Friends Meeting at Cambridge, and then break into small groups to share a bit of our own meeting journeys.  This will be recorded and we hope to create a resource for attendees to share back with others.

About our guest speaker: Alasdair Post-Quinn  is a member of Friends Meeting at Cambridge (MA).  This meeting has had up to 60 folks in their meetinghouse  and 70 online in their hybrid gatherings. How does that work? What are some challenges they’ve encountered, and how are Friends adapting? What are the unexpected blessings found in having to reassess worship traditions in a time of Covid?

Winter 2022 – online gatherings.

We are gathering again!  After a hiatus from our rental space in Lawrence due to Covid (we may return there in the spring of 2022), we are hoping to meet again and experiment with a variety of new formats of gathering.  We also hope to launch a formal website in February 2022.

We will experiment in the Quaker tradition of expectant waiting worship and spiritual hospitality.  These weekday gatherings are hosted by Kathleen and Kenneth, who are both members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

Sometimes waiting worship, sometimes a speaker or group discussion, or book talk.  With Covid infections rising dramatically  in the Lawrence/Lowell area, we are taking the time to listen and wonder how the next five months can hold supports for ourselves and our communities.

Spring 2022 – new outdoor space!

We are hoping to use a new outdoor patio/deck/tent space for meals and worship.  We also will continue to experiment with “pop up” meetings for worship in various places!  Updates will follow in April 2022.