Obadiah Brown Benevolent Fund Grant

Becoming “ePublishers of Truth,” an experiment in digital communications among Friends meetings in New England

Kathleen will work with interested meetings in using digital tools for internal and external communications and outreach. She will develop a set of resources for Quakers in New England meetings, and lead a series of electronic gatherings to share resources and learn new ways of communicating the Message of the Quaker Movement in digital spaces. 

Welcome to the “ePublishers of Truth” experiment!  In these pages and links, you will find a growing list of resources, questions, and links to support sharing the Quaker Message in New England (and beyond!).  While primarily for New England Quaker Meetings and churches, the resources may be of help to Friends more widely.

This effort is supported by the Obadiah Brown Benevolent Fund.

This project includes the following:

  • Visits to meetings/Quarterly Meetings for digital ministry workshops
  • Resources and “how to” sheets, one page and easily shared, for Meeting communications teams
  • A communications email sharing news and resources (Archived)
  • Links to Church/Meeting best practices, communications blogs, and helpful tech tools