Vassalboro QM Communications

Welcome to the Vassalboro Quarterly Meeting Communications Experiment!

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Here’s our charge:

VQM’s Experiment in Communication is seeking volunteers to expand our visibility to our wider communities.  In particular, we’re hoping to reach interested people who use different communications channels than many of us are used to.  This project would add to (not replace) our current communications by adding or improving our web and social media presence, as guided by Kathleen Wooten.  Details are in her Communications Proposal.  At All Maine Gathering, VQM approved the initial funding, contingent on VQM volunteers committing to the project.  Volunteers would need internet access.  Volunteers would need to do at least some of the following, with the division of work to be determined:

  1. Learn to make VQM and potentially local Meeting events visible on social media, e.g., Facebook and Instagram.
  2. Learn to make Newsletter information online.
  3. Gather information and/or pictures from Monthly Meetings and the Quarter.
  4. Participate in monthly communications calls and other engagements as arranged in advance.
  5. Participate in developing a VQM social media policy that guides our outreach communications with respect for individual privacy and security.
  6. After the initial period with Kathleen Wooten’s guidance, continue to support the new communications and other VQM people as they learn.