General resources

Outreach in the Digital Age: Possibilities, Imperatives, and Overcoming Barriers

(Resources in support of our April 3 phone call)

  • What are the digital “essentials” for outreach today?

Websites are for newcomers

Three social media strategies for Churches today

Meeting website checklist (what to include?)

  • the “why” of having a Facebook presence

Should our meeting have a Facebook page?

  • Getting started: key steps in establishing a Facebook presence
    • Beginner’s checklist

Setting up a Facebook page – the basics

  • Questions every meeting should ask

Social media advices and questions

Creating a social media policy for your Meeting

Sample Social Media Policies:

Sample Social Media Policy: New England Yearly Meeting (A reminder that this policy is very detailed, and for a Yearly Meeting which spans 6 states and many concerns.  A local Meeting may not need this much detail.)

Sample Social Media Guidelines: Fresh Pond MA Monthly Meeting (NEYM)

  • What content is appropriate for a Facebook page?  What can Facebook do well?

What to post on Facebook?

Creating a Facebook Event

What’s in a meme?  Humor as outreach and engagement

  • Surmounting barriers to establishing an effective Facebook presence

Privacy and safety concerns on social media


Would Margaret Fell have a Facebook page?  (ePublishers of Truth – Friends Journal)

Dear Facebook, I think I want to quit you (written by Scott Gunn, an Episcopal priest)

Facebook: Ministry Opportunity or Pointless Burden? (Scott Gunn)

Inner Peace and the right use of social media: T Shillitoe makes me think (Brian Drayton)

Social Media Ads Outreach (Emily Provance, NYYM)

  • Where did I learn all this information?

I’m by no means a “techie” by trade – but I love to learn from others, especially church folks who explore how digital ministry can help us be more faithful in our communities both on-line and in person.

A blog post and list of some things and people I have found helpful

Where do i find examples of Quaker Facebook pages and websites?


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