Workshop videos

The following resources I link to/share in my digital ministry workshops.



Re-Mediating the Global, Digital Body of Christ

Digital Dependency

Hashtagging the Good News of Social Media

The online community: authentic, real, needing ministers

Re-Mediation in the D-I-Y Church

Moving Online: Faith Formation in a Digital Age


Social Media: Don’t be that church

Don’t be that Church II: We need a new website

The Social Media Revolution 2017

The Good News of Social Media

A Perfectly Tweetable Sermon

Weird Quaker Tweets (Quakerspeak)

Websites/People to follow:

Quaker Emily (Emily Provance, NYYM) ** Social Media Ad Experiments among Friends

Quaker Communications and Outreach (Website)

Quaker Communications and Outreach (Facebook Group)

eFormation (Digital Ministry at Virginia Theological Seminary)