The Social Media Gospel


This book, while to written in a specifically Quaker context, has been HUGELY helpful to me in areas of social media.  Gould looks at the options for social media engagement from the “Church” perspective – how we are called to share a message, build community, and speak in gospel order in digital spaces as well as in-person ones.

Each chapter outlines a “how” and “why” of a digital platform, summarized in missional church language and intent.  The end of each chapter has fantastic practical questions for your meeting regarding use of social media.

A list of topics:
• Building and ministering to online communities
• Privacy and self-disclosure in the digital age
• Integrating communications across digital platforms
• Managing and monitoring social media
• Faith storytelling with visual social media
• Hashtag development and live-tweeting

If I had to pick ONE book to give a social media novice in a church/meeting setting – this would be it!  You can find it here.  Please look for the second addition, with updated links and information.

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