Bloom where you are planted. Know what Living Water you need.

This week has been a very full one, in terms of actions for justice across New England. I’ve been encouraged to see so much engagement, so much of God’s Truth being shared and supported by so many of all faiths here in New England.

At times though, it’s been a bit challenging for me.  As someone with autoimmune and serious joint and mobility concerns, I simply can’t often participate in these ways.  My feet swell on their own when I’m in one position too long.  My body temperature is not easily regulated, and being in hot sun can cause lasting struggles.  Certainly, I’m not walking further than taking out the trash some days, not across the states in immigration witness.  My unsure feet will not even walk me near that New Hampshire coal plant (see above), and my back muscles can’t support carrying even one empty bucket. I also am a stay at home parent, with responsibilities here as well.

If this is a movement, however, these actions are just some of the work that must include all of “us”.  I’ve been encouraging and connecting others by sharing stories and asking for support on social media, I’ve cooked food to bring, offered rides when possible.  Due to my health concerns I simply can’t risk arrest in the ways others can.  But I an bring money to bail them out, bring them to court dates, and sit and wait to make sure those folks are okay. When you get locked up – who feeds your cat?  Call me.  😉

IN this past week, at every interaction I have had with God’s faithful people doing this active work, I have felt welcomed and a part of the movement.

My understanding is that this was an intergral part of the early Quaker movement as well.  Membership in a Quaker meeting had a very specific purpose – when ministers were thrown in jail for their faith, the community had to know who was a member, and who needed their children card for, their crops harvested.  We Friends speak about the “valiant sixty” Friends who encouraged the movement – I wonder about the unamed “valiant six hundred (at least!) who were on call as crucial support in quiet, perhaps unrecognized ways. In later years, I’ve become aware that there was a vast network of people supporting Rosa Parks refusing to leave her seat on the bus, and Martin Luther King Jr had a robust support team.

As these important movements go forward – I feel it right to share a word of encouragement to those that are being faithful to their part of the call into God’s kingdom.  Use your own gifts and talents – unique and made for you – in helping our shared world to become kinder, more loving, and safe.   Praying, writing, sharing news, making bread, singing, making art – all parts of this important Work.


Solidarity Walk for Immigrant Justice 2019

Coal Plant, Merrimack NH – Climate Disobedience Center action



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