On the Road again…

Yesterday my trusty old car hit a milestone.  300,000 miles.  MUCH of it in person travel in Gospel Ministry.  It seems like a good time to reflect on that as I look to travels in the next few months.

This car has taken me to countless Quaker Meetings in New England.  It’s carried me to Ohio Yearly Meeting (Conservative), FGC gathering, North Carolina YM (Conservative), New York YM, Philadelphia YM, Woolman Hill and Powell House and Quaker Spring.  It took me to Pendle Hill with Friend Jonathan, where I met Friend Jay and learned of an upcoming witness on a little lobster boat, and later on to his appearances in court.  It has brought my daughter to NEYM youth gatherings. This car has carried books for book groups, equipment for hybrid meetings, and supplies and coffee for NEYM Sessions. I’ve met hundreds of Friends and worshipped with hundreds of Quaker communities.  This car has taken me to work with Friends in Cambridge.  It’s taken me the shortest physical distance of all – one mile down the road to my own Lawrence/Andover Quaker meeting.

Covid-19 certainly curtailed my physical travel.  It gave me time to reassess what travel in Gospel Ministry means, and what support I needed. It seems good closure and a great opening for the next season of ministry for me.

I now have a new travel minute, have landed in a new local meeting since a move in 2019, and plans to visit Friends in North Carolina and New York this summer, before our own New England YM.  I’ll also travel virtually to Friends in Ohio YM, and Philadelphia YM.  Friends have offered to accompany me in prayer and in my car.

I’ve added a travel calendar to this website, so Friends can accompany me in prayer as led.  I’d love to visit you!




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