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Serotinous Cones and the Flame.

Yesterday in some devotional reading time, I learned about Serotinous Cones. Jack pine has developed what is called a serotinous cone. Serotinous cones are covered with a resin that must be melled for the cone to open and release seeds. When a fire moves … Continue reading

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It’s time to flip our meetinghouses. Again.

I am by trade a teacher – former in employment – always on my heart.  There was a movement a number of years ago – I must admit Im not sure where it stands now, to create “flipped classrooms” The … Continue reading

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God’s digital table and welcome in a time of much Zooming for the Church

I wrote this letter to my meeting, but it’s for anybody for whom it might be helpful.  Zoom is both a great gift – and yet another way to create exclusion.  It’s our choice to be attentive. Dear Friends, In … Continue reading

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We must carry the loaves and fishes now

(IC: Laura James, artist) Everyone knows the story of the miracle.  Jesus finds himself with a small number of loaves and fishes, and 5000 people to feed, and there is enough.  A number of years ago, I wrote about the … Continue reading

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Disruptive innovation – part of the Quaker tradition in these times?

“Dost thou call this place a church? or dost thou call this mixed multitude a church?” But instead of answering him, the priest asked what a church was? to which George replied, “The church is the pillar and ground of truth, made … Continue reading

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Near where the ancestors sleep – new faithfulness emerges (Lake Champlain Worship Group)

The Champlain Islands Quaker Meeting is a worship group under the care of Burlington VT meeting. This past First-day I had the blessing of worshiping with them.  I had heard that their meeting was originally a summer meeting, but now they … Continue reading

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Bloom where you are planted. Know what Living Water you need.

This week has been a very full one, in terms of actions for justice across New England. I’ve been encouraged to see so much engagement, so much of God’s Truth being shared and supported by so many of all faiths … Continue reading

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Traveling in Gospel Ministry – new openings, old threads

There’s a thread you follow. It goes among things that change. But it doesn’t change. People wonder about what you are pursuing. You have to explain about the thread. But it is hard for others to see. While you hold … Continue reading

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The webs we weave in Covenant Community

A number of years ago, while at our Yearly Meeting Annual Sessions, I said the following: In traveling many places this year and worshiping with Friends, I have seen that it’s not about boundaries, it’s about centers. In all the … Continue reading

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New adventures, well-worn paths

We will now consider our young Minister as having an enlargement of both understanding and love, engaging [her] mind to labour for the good of others; and this can’t be confined to thy own Meeting, Church, or County, where thou … Continue reading

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