Being the church online

Due to the onset of the Covid-19, lots of churches and meetings are exploring alternative ways of being together (often digital).  Here’s some resources:

Workshop resources:

This resource list is from the conversation “Quakers adapting in new ways – sharing and discussion”.  

Quaker meetings of all sizes and types have been challenged to change and grow in new ways in this time of global pandemic. In 2022, what are we learning? What do we have to share with each other as we grow and shift into new experiences? What about the former Quaker tradition are we preserving and encouraging as well?

“Blended/Hybrid” Meetings for Worship – online and in-person.

This pandemic and the need for social distancing will most likely require us to remain distanced, at least significant parts of our communities, for a long time/”new normal”.

Some Friends are  wondering about how we continue to incorporate the gifts technology has given to us in this time while also being in physical spaces.  Here’s some resources, all shared with permission.

Spiritual Reflections: 

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