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Way will open – pathfinding as expression and nurture of gifts

September is traditionally a time of change and evaluation for me.  Perhaps inspired from my years as a teacher, or the the patterns  of school for my family – I find myself looking ahead in my year with plans and … Continue reading

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The Unwritten Rules of Meeting for (Digital) Worship – part one

Part One – where are we now? A number of years ago I co-lead a weekend workshop called “The unwritten rules of meeting for worship”.  You can read more about that experience here. Now that we are once again shifting … Continue reading

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Holy experiments, encouraged in deep community

Show up hungry. Show up on our doorstep hungry. SHOW UP CURIOUS.  Show up without something to give, without enough time, SHOW UP LATE and in need of stories and the right questions AND TO BE HELD. SHOW UP HUNGRY. … Continue reading

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On the Road again…

Yesterday my trusty old car hit a milestone.  300,000 miles.  MUCH of it in person travel in Gospel Ministry.  It seems like a good time to reflect on that as I look to travels in the next few months. This … Continue reading

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A mover and a Quaker (not Shaker)

Yesterday I had the honor and gift of accompanying in prayer a group of faithful individuals, being sentenced by the state for their faithful actions.  You may read more about the details here. One particular moment stayed with me after … Continue reading

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Not Bowling Alone.

In 2000 Robert Putnam wrote an important book – Bowling Alone. Putnam talks about social capital, asserts some theories about how we connect in communities, and what drives us as humans. If you are someone who thinks a lot about … Continue reading

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Ministry report 2022

I have written a report of ministry .  I guess this is more than a year – and what is time during a pandemic? I have a few new wordly changes on the horizon, and I am grateful for the … Continue reading

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Serotinous Cones and the Flame.

Yesterday in some devotional reading time, I learned about Serotinous Cones. Jack pine has developed what is called a serotinous cone. Serotinous cones are covered with a resin that must be melled for the cone to open and release seeds. When a fire moves … Continue reading

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It’s time to flip our meetinghouses. Again.

I am by trade a teacher – former in employment – always on my heart.  There was a movement a number of years ago – I must admit I’m not sure where it stands now, to create “flipped classrooms” The … Continue reading

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Disruptive innovation – part of the Quaker tradition in these times?

“Dost thou call this place a church? or dost thou call this mixed multitude a church?” But instead of answering him, the priest asked what a church was? to which George replied, “The church is the pillar and ground of truth, made … Continue reading

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