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Quaker Outreach and Radical Welcome in the Digital Age

(This is the general workshop outline/resources that I have offered among Friends in the past year.)

What challenges come to us as Quakers when we seek to share our gifts of Spirit and community in an ever-changing technological world? What is our experience of Quaker faith in community, how do we invite newcomers and seekers into that shared work, and how does our presence in the world grow faithfully in online spaces? In this workshop, we will share some of our findings, hopes, and concerns around translating our lives as Quakers, focusing specifically on how new and varied media platforms offer both challenge and opportunity for “letting our lives speak.”

Through conversation, activities, and reflection, we will learn from each other on how to embody and share our Quaker testimonies in a wide array of (perhaps) less familiar, digital forms. Topics to be covered include: what gifts the Quaker Way holds for others in our current world, best practices designed for various digital platforms and spaces, creative (and free!) digital tools for your meeting to discover, and potential obstacles to fully sharing our welcome. We hope to have brief discussions, interactive group inquiry, and resources for you to take back to your meetings for continued sharing and discussion.

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