Kathleen Wooten worships  in the Quaker tradition  – and finds God most surprisingly and consistently in the process of supporting our faith communities and the wider Quaker movement.  She has traveled extensively among Friends in New England since her early convincement among Friends.  In the past few years, Kathleen has added to her “toolkit” a growing list of digital sharing skills, and she enjoys telling the stories of who we are as a people, in struggle and Joy, across many platforms.  She is a member of the Lawrence Friends Meeting in Massachusetts and travels with a minute supported by her meeting.

Kathleen believes that the Quaker tradition of travel and sharing of the Quaker story is still a deeply useful tool for today.  She follows the clear example of  Margaret Fell, early Quaker leader (and first Quaker social media “manager”!)  -who sought to support the Quaker message and share it widely, fully, and consistently among the growing movement.  Her travels and learnings can be found on her website and occasional blog at Quakerkathleen.org – and also by that handle on various social media platforms.

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